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Chris & Gail Smith

Chris and Gail Smith
Kenny Smith Freedom Foundation

Doug Kiker

Doug Kiker

Chef Larry

Chef Larry Washington
Chef Larry Creations

Jared Silverstein
Puzzle Pieces Squared

Daniel “Duke” Orsino

Daniel Duke Orsino
Philadelphia City Council

RaceOnMainLogoAbout Race on Main Street
Race on Main Street, a play on words that uses the name of the hosts, Scott and Stuart Race, to communicate the show’s theme: The Brothers Race and their Guests commenting on the state of “Main Street” America. Topics range throughout the entire spectrum of business and personal issues that confront “Main Street Business.” The underlying concept: No one else is looking out for “Main Street” so it is up to “Main Street” to look out for itself, by sharing ideas, techniques, and protocols. The show is set up to be a forum in which the Brothers & leading “Main Street” Businesspersons discuss and analyze the issues of the day leading to helpful suggestions and solutions. Race on Main Street is an issue-oriented talk show that bypasses the usual coverage of Washington, the country, and the world, and instead focuses on “Main Street,” small business, and the middle-class.