Host: Scott Race

PRA Scott Headshot look leftAt a very early age Scott Race knew his purpose in life. His intentions were to study hard, go to law school, and then fight on behalf of any person who needed his help. These goals were born out of his childhood experience of watching as his trusting parents were forced out of his childhood home after having been taken advantage of by people who were simply out to make a quick buck.

After graduating, on the Dean’s List, from Penn State University, Mr. Race deferred his acceptance at several prestigious law schools because he thought he could better serve the people who needed his help by becoming a financial educator. His plan was to give hard-working, middle-class Americans an alternative to the usual Wall Street greed. So, with his parents’ blessings, he became a Registered Investment Advisor, and eventually started his own practice.

Since that time, Scott has helped countless people to make financial decisions, protected from Wall Street’s typical upfront commissions and unnecessary fees. By shielding them from uncertain markets and the stress that comes with them, his Wall Street Free Retirement Program has helped investors to eliminate completely market uncertainty while fiscally fortifying their portfolios.

Co-Host: Stuart Race

Stuart Race has more than twenty years of experience working on behalf of middle-class Americans as an attorney and a financial advisor. As an author, an attorney, and as co-founder of the Philadelphia Retirement Alliance, Mr. Race writes and gives seminars on how middle-class Americans can construct Wall Street Free Retirements and remove, from their portfolios, the risks associated with the financial markets.

Mr. Race has helped to protect millions of dollars in retirement assets from the risk and the fees that go along with the usual Wall Street game plans.

Mr. Race sees himself as a teacher whose mission is to educate retirees on safe alternatives outside of the securities sales industry. As an attorney, Mr. Race is well-suited to understand and to communicate the current status of changes in the fiscal laws that affect retirees.

Mr. Race earned a B.A. in Political Science from Albright College. He has a M.A. (summa cum laude) in education from Rosemont College; and his Juris Doctorate, with associated honors, from Temple University.

Guest Host: Sarah Kaufmann

Sarah Kaufmann Sarah Kaufmann, is a Philadelphia-based Marketing Manager as well as the Producer for Race on Main Street. Having graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with her Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Photography, Sarah’s talents shine in in the Digital Marketing and Production arenas. When she’s off set or out of the office, you can find Sarah selling luxury haircare products or snapping family and engagement photos around town.